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Sun Finance aims to provide a comprehensive roster of De-Fi services supporting up-and-coming projects and solutions that make a mark in the cryptocurrency space.



What is a Crypto Launchpad?

Crypto launchpads are platforms that allow investors to buy into new cryptocurrency projects before the tokens are publicly released. This usually results in purchasing tokens at a reduced or discounted price before they hit the markets and revealed to the general public. 

Downside of Traditional Crypto Launchpads

Launchpads generally require you to hold a certain amount of tokens for participating in their Initial Dex Offering (IDOs). This setup results in extreme high volatility of the token price in every upcoming IDOs and only gives life to that project in that specific period. 
This leaves the tokens in each holders’ wallet stagnant if there are no active projects in the said launchpad. This makes the tokens a “sleeping asset” for most of the time, missing potential opportunities for the investors.

The SUN Finance Solution

Instead of tokens, the SUN Finance Launchpad shall use a unique approach of utilizing NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as its main launchpad requirement.

Why NFTs?

Apart from the fact that NFTs are not extremely volatile because people can’t create a significant impact on the floor price like it can be the case for standard tokens, NFT traders will also look for the art. 5,000 NFTs will be minted in exchange for SUN tokens. This way, the NFTs itself will have its own value based on the current NFT rarity, trend, and demand. 

All the NFTs will be unique in traits, they will have their own rarity scores, they’ll be tradeable on a marketplace and good partnerships and an exclusive club for holders will be created as well.


SUN tokens will have 10% of tax applicable on both buys and sells. The tax is divided in three, the marketing wallet gets 3%, the development wallet for the launchpad and NFTs gets 3%, the remaining 4% goes to make the LP strong enough to be able to balance the farm rewards.


The total supply is 1 Billion $SUN. The distribution is as categorised:

40% – Presale

30% – Liquidity 

25% – Farm Rewards

5% – Giveaways

 The tokens will be locked before the farm goes live and will be extended till the time when partnerships with a solid team creating a farm for us is announced.



Q4 2021

  • Presale Raise
  • Launch on
  • Spiritswap
  • Farms
  • Partnerships
  • Whitelisted on Spiritswap
  • Sneak Peek to NFTs
  • NFT minting and utility revealed
  • AMAs and partnerships
  • commenced
  • Community giveaways
  • Minting of 5000 NFTs
  • Rarity Score Table reveal
  • NFT Marketplace launch

Q1 2022

  • SUN Finance Launchpad
    Launchpad project applications and evaluations
    Inhouse IDOs with additional usecases of NFTs.
    New De-Fi project launch on SUN launchpad
    Tier Allocations
    More marketing, partnerships, and exposures
    NFT Holders exclusive club reveal